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About Doctor
Dr. K. Gireesh obtained the following qualifications from the University of Madras, obtained his Doctoratein Medicine (M.D. General Medicine) in April 1981, subsequently took his Doctorate in Neurology in April 1984 and furtherobtained M.Ch (Neurosurgery) 5 Years course on October 1990. Dr. K. Gireesh is the first in India and whole of Asia to acquire the unique qualification of being both Neurophysician and Neurosurgeon.

Dr. K. Gireesh has been awarded Ph.D. for his work in multi modality therapy in pain and for his special work in Neuro Acupuncture and was further awarded D.Sc., for his academic excellence. He also obtained a Doctorate in Acupuncture from International School of Acupuncture, Beijing. Further he has also been awarded a Ph.D. by College of Chest Physicians, Delhi and from Inter American University.

Dr. K. Gireesh had further undergone higher fellowship programme in neurology and neurosurgery in Fujita Health University, Japan in various micro neurosurgical procedures including skull Base Surgery, CT guided sterotaxic surgery, neuroendoscopy, Gama knife therapy and Neuronavigation. Dr. K. Gireesh has been conferred Guest Professorship of Fujita Health University, Japan, Emeritus Professor of Diandra University, Italy and Visiting Professor of Colombo South Government General Hospital, Kalubowila, Sri Lanka. On September, 1994 Dr. K. Giresh and been to University of Mainz to attend to specialized update programme on minimally invasive neurosurgery including Neuronavigation and training in neuroendoscope. Further Dr. K. Gireesh had attended advanced micro neurosurgical technique workshop at Hannover, German organized by Dr. Majid Samy. Dr. K. Gireesh is a very hard working, sincere, straight forward, quite clever and skilful neurosurgeon. He is highly academic, extraordinarily brilliance and has a sharp intellect with strong leadership qualities and also considerable interest in scientific research. He has innovative ideas in addition he is very much dedicated to total care of neurological and neurosurgical patients.

Dr. K. Gireesh has presented a number of Scientific papers both at National and International Scientific meetings. He is a Fellow member of several scientific bodies. Dr. K. Gireesh has traveled worldwide. He received 62 awards and honours from various voluntary organizations for his relentless services rendered to poor people by organizing free mega medical camps.

According to Prof. Tetsuo Kanno, Japan with the encyclopedic knowledge acquired by being both a Neurophysician and Neurosurgeon, Dr. K. Gireesh indeed is an ''Ideal Neurosurgeon''.

According to Lord Pandit Prof. Dr. Sir Anton Jayasuriya, ''Dr. K. Gireesh is unique in that he is a physician, Neurophysician and Neurosurgeon and at the same time, a consultant specialist in Alternative Medicine, as well. Therefore, he is the model of the futuristic healer of integrated medicines. Dr. K. Gireesh is a man for all seasons, indeed a model healer of the third millennium. In my lifetime, having visited some 133 countries, I am yet to see a doctor who has such unique wide spectrum qualifications, Charisma, humanitarianism and clinical sense.''